It can be hard to know when you join a church what study groups already take place. There may be a group in another local church in which women study together, but it may not be what you are looking for. If you are interested in starting a group we recommend the following:

  1. Contact us so that we can help you with resources and more information on running groups
  2. Speak to your priest/vicar/rector/pastor/minister/chaplain so that they can get your group approved by the church governing body
  3. Look for like-minded women who might consider co-leading the group with you. It is always better to have people with whom you can debrief (as well as plan sessions).
  4. Get more information on the safeguarding training offered by your church/diocese. Safeguarding is really important in any group, but especially in groups where issues of assault/abuse/rape/murder are going to be discussed. Always know who your safeguarding officer is, and when in doubt, report to your priest/vicar/rector/pastor/minister/chaplain. Remember, you can never promise to keep these matters secret.
  5. Start reading some interesting commentaries on the Bible. We recommend The Women’s Bible Commentary as a good starting point. Other book recommendations can be found on the Resources page.