One of the main functions of the network is to link women with groups and resource women to start groups. Women are often worried that they haven’t studied the Bible enough, or have not read many (or any) theological books. While some knowledge of biblical theology can be helpful when leading groups, our aim is to remove barriers to women studying together. This means providing resources and book recommendations, as well as being able to point you in the direction of other women who are passionate about knowing more about God and how women’s experiences inform their faith.

“Women’s theology has really deepened my understanding of the Bible and women’s roles within it. It has given me more confidence in my own interpretations of scripture, and enabled me to question the meaning behind passages more critically. It has also given me more faith in my own abilities as a leader, and enabled me to support other women in growing their faiths through studying theology.”

Lizzie Kenchington, Women’s Theology Leader

A defining feature of these Women’s Theology Groups is that women must feel able to question the Bible. There are so many stories in which injustice is at the forefront, and it is absolutely appropriate that we ask where God is in these stories. It is sometimes helpful to understand the context in which the passage was written, the intended audience and how the Church has traditionally understood the passage. Commentaries are very helpful for this, and there are many clear and excellent commentaries available. You can find some recommendations on the Resources page.

It is fundamental to have an understanding of correct Safeguarding practice when in a position of responsibility.