In 2018, three of us felt God calling us to study theology together as women. Unsure of what form this would take, we talked to the women of Solihull parish about whether they would be interested in joining us, and to our delight many women were curious about what such a group would entail. Two years on, three groups have been set up to allow for childcare and work responsibilities, and we have more leaders. We quickly realised how flexible the groups needed to be in order to allow for women to be able to attend, without the need to commit to one particular group.

Of course, having leaders for all of the groups necessary is a challenge, which is why we have created this network: to empower women to lead these groups (and honestly, when you see the format we use, you’ll see how easy it can be!). As we start to set up groups in other parts of Birmingham and further afield we are aware of how necessary it is not to feel alone. By being part of a network, we can share resources, wisdom, and difficulties with each other.

You may already be leading a group of women in study, and want to be connected to others doing the same, or you may want to set up a new group, or even see if there is a group near you. Whichever it is, get in touch with us, we’d love to hear from you!

“Since joining WT I have grown in faith, knowledge and confidence. I joined as a relatively new Christian and feel that this has been the most beneficial resource I have come across for growing my faith. I have read parts of the Bible that are completely new to me and also developed a much deeper understanding of well-known readings. I have found it particularly interesting and beneficial to read and study them amongst a group of women as we have looked at them from a unique perspective in a safe and welcoming environment. I have now met an amazing group of women through these study sessions, many of whom I now count as close friends. I never thought I’d be confident enough to lead my own sessions when I began, but the thirst for learning more has driven me to lead sessions on a regular basis.”

Nicola laird, women’s theology leader