We are a group of women who plan, run and resource Women’s Theology Groups. If you are interested in theology, and especially the ways in which our lived experiences are reflected in Scripture, these groups might just be for you. Whether you want to join an existing group, start a group, access resources or listen to our podcast, the Women’s Theology Network is here to help.

“Women’s Theology has helped me to grow in my faith and understanding of God, while also furthering my knowledge of Scripture. It’s allowed me to discover new passages of the Bible I had never read before and really think about my understanding of what the words mean and how I feel about them. It has opened my heart and eyes  and helped me to feel closer to God. It’s also revealed a thirst for knowledge and understanding, leading me to read about textual criticism and feminist theology.

Women’s theology has also given me the opportunity to meet new friends which has been amazing.” 

Avril welch, women’s theology leader